1. That’s actually a running joke on set. Whenever someone’s like, ‘I don’t understand why my character would do this,’ or, ‘This feels awkward,’ the director — or whoever — will be like, ‘Guys, this is a show about werewolves. Just do it.’
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    This is cringe-worthy not joke-worthy

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    fics where they both think it’s unrequited pining


  3. That random person you met online and now is a big part of your life

  4. I love my skin!

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    Why do white people own so many pets?
    Because we’re not allowed to own people anymore.
    What is the scariest thing about a white person in prison?
    You know he did it.
    how many Chicago cops does it take to change a light bulb? None, they just beat the room for being black.”
    A good looking 50 year old white man is trying to get laid on reality TV. What show are you watching?
    To catch a predator.
    Why do white girls travel in groups of three or five?
    They can’t even
    What do you call 64 white people in a room? A full blooded Cherokee.

    from various reddit threads

    at dinner last night, a coworker was talking about hanging out with his white friends and getting fed up with the racist jokes, and asked them to tell a white people joke.  nobody had any, so he googled and found these. after a few of them, people were a lot less comfortable.

    white folks, next time you hear a racist joke, maybe lead with one of these in response.  tag this “I’m white” when you reblog it, if you are.

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    She had curves in all the wrong places. She had a boob sticking out of her kneecap and I’d never seen an ass on the back of someone’s head before

    She had legs that went on forever. And ever, and ever. Legs going on into the endless primordial void from which we all came from and to which we shall all return. Her toes touched infinity, her hips perched on the cessation of existence.

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    my dad is a senior software engineer at Google
    this is his work laptop


    he takes it to company meetings

    I’ve been told he has received many compliments

    Marry him.

    did you read the post

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    let’s play another tag meme thing! put each word into your tags and see what pops up:


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